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Is a Whole-House Humidifier Right for Your Home?

whole-house humidifier

Have you noticed a change in the air? Yes, it’s cooler, but it’s also drier. Are you experiencing dry skin or sinus issues as the outdoor humidity levels plummet? A whole-house humidifier may be the answer to these winter woes. As a bonus, it even helps keep the moisture away during sticky summer months.

Whole-house humidifiers are installed onto your home’s heating and cooling system to add moisture to the air that circulates your house. You set your desired humidity levels — usually between 30% to 50% — and it keeps your home’s air comfortable.

Are you thinking about adding a whole-house humidifier? Ernst Heating & Cooling can answer your questions and suggest a model that works in your home. Read on to see what a whole-house humidifier can do for you.

You’ll feel better

During the winter months, the dry air can leave our lips and skin feeling cracked and dry. Suddenly we’re reaching for lip balm and hand lotion all day long. Inside our bodies, our airways are crying out for moisture, which is evaporating faster than it can be replaced. Airways can become irritated and swollen if there’s no relief. You’re also more susceptible to bronchitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory illnesses. A whole-house humidifier adds just enough moisture to keep those tender tissues happy. Your skin and lips will thank you, too.

You may notice less static electricity

Sure, it may have been fun when you were a kid to drag your feet on Grandma’s carpet before you touched a doorknob and felt a slight shock. But static electricity loses its fun when your clothes stick together, or you’re always feeling unexpected jolts. A whole-house humidifier dissipates the electricity before it builds up. The kids might not have as much fun, but at least you can fold the laundry without the socks getting lost inside your pajamas.

Humid air can minimize damage to your home during dry months

Dry air isn’t just targeting your body. It also pulls the moisture from your home’s surfaces. Walls and door jambs may shift. You may hear more creaking as you head up the stairs. Wood furniture can bend or even crack. Your beloved piano loses its tune. Small gaps can even form around your windows, letting the cold air in and making your energy bills soar.

Whole-house humidifiers are low maintenance

Unlike portable humidifiers, which require regular cleaning and water refills, whole-house humidifiers take care of themselves. You’ll want to replace the evaporator filter once a year, or you can call Ernst Heating & Cooling for a maintenance check, and our technicians will make sure your unit is taking care of your home’s humidity levels.

Don’t suffer from dry air this winter. If you live in the Hamel area, contact Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836 to find out how a house-house humidifier can keep you feeling your best this winter.

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