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Yes, You Really Need Your Ducts Cleaned and Here’s Why

Duct Cleaning is necessary

Have you ever wondered if duct cleaning makes a difference in your home’s air quality? The answer is a resounding YES! Your home’s extensive network of ducts reaches every room and cleaning them is not a DIY project. Hire a professional, like Ernst Heating & Cooling, to ensure your ducts get the thorough cleaning they deserve. Read on to learn why this is an essential bullet on your to-do list.

Duct cleaning eliminates dust and other particles

Have you ever just let your house go for a few weeks until you can write your name in the dust on the dining room table? That same dust takes up residence within your ductwork. Exponentially. You can’t see it, but dust recirculates throughout your house continuously, creating an endless cleaning task, that is, unless you like drawing dust masterpieces.

Cleaning identifies and locates ductwork mold

Dust is a nuisance, but mold can be downright dangerous to your health. If there’s condensation within your heating and cooling system, especially during the humid months, you may be vulnerable to mold within your home’s ductwork. This is one instance where out of sight should not mean out of mind! Our professional duct-cleaning technician will locate the mold and remove it.

Duct cleaning wipes up after rodents and other pests

Nobody wants to think of rodents within their home. But infestations happen, and even after the pests are gone, you must remove their remnants, including hair, urine, and feces. Let the professionals handle this messy task.

Duct cleaning keeps your system operating more efficiently

Regular air filter replacement plays a critical role in the health and efficiency of your HVAC unit. Duct cleaning goes a step further to remove the clutter that impedes airflow. Plus, you’re not clogging your filters before you get the chance to replace them.

 Professional duct cleaning is more than you can ever do on your own

While it’s a good idea to periodically open your vents and use your vacuum hose to grab what you can, you’ll never be able to clean as thoroughly as a professional. Our duct cleaning technicians will inspect your ductwork thoroughly and identify any leaks or damages that reduce your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. They’ll use a negative-pressure vacuum system and a series of tools to dislodge the dust and leave you with shiny, clean ductwork throughout your home.

Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate within your ductwork. Clean up the mess with Ernst Heating & Cooling’s professional duct cleaning services. Call Ernst Heating & Cooling today at 618.217.1836 or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

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