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Keeping Indoor Air Quality in Check This Thanksgiving

Indoor air quality during Thanksgiving

What’s in the air when you’re hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner? Chances are, you’re thinking of the delicious aroma of turkey, potatoes, cornbread, and green bean casserole mixing and mingling in the kitchen as guests arrive. But did you consider air pollution? Your indoor air quality can take a hit on holidays like Thanksgiving, thanks to burning fuel and extra guests who might bring a few germs along as plus ones. That’s why you want to depend on Ernst Heating & Cooling in Metro East IL, to clear the air for this important get-together.

Before we look at air quality solutions, let’s figure out why air quality is a concern on Thanksgiving.

What’s cooking?

The turkey is in the oven and the potatoes are on the stove. But if you’re cooking with natural gas, you may also be creating nitrogen dioxide and small airborne particles that can irritate the lungs. If you’re using an electric stove, your risks are lower, but there’s always the chance something might burn and release various pollutants.

Consider, too, what additional ingredients you might be adding to the indoor air. Did you use cooking spray to keep the sweet potato and marshmallow casserole from sticking? How about housecleaning? Did you pull out the heavy-duty cleaners to prepare the house for company? Some household cleaners can emit dangerous chemicals that stay trapped in your home.

What are the guests bringing?

You asked Aunt Carol to bring her famous cornbread pudding, but you didn’t realize she also was going to bring in cat dander from her four feline furbabies at home. Little Cousin Cindy brought her favorite doll as well as the upper respiratory germs she picked up in preschool. You love having a crowded house, but extra people mean extra irritants, which can affect your overall air quality.

Indoor air quality tips for your Thanksgiving celebration

We don’t want to be the ones to ruin your holiday plans. After all, there are a lot of good memories to be made on Thanksgiving and other holidays, and little Cousin Cindy will tell her own kids about how you made the best stuffing she ever tasted. Fortunately, Ernst Heating & Cooling has air quality tips and strategies that can help! Consider doing the following this Thanksgiving and on other holidays where you have a full house and crowded dining room table:

Change your air filter now. Your HVAC system includes an air filter designed to protect its components from dust and dirt in the air. As air circulates around your home, it’s pulled through the air filter over and over again. Start with a fresh air filter before the company shows up.

Add ventilation. Does your range have an overhead fan or range hood? Make sure they’re on to grab airborne pollutants. Depending on the outdoor temperatures, you may want to open doors and windows to promote better air circulation.

Cook the turkey or other dishes outdoors. Do you have a grill master or an expert smoker at home? Hand over the turkey duties and let the bird bask in the heat of an outdoor grill or smoker.

Consider an air filtration system. Ernst Heating & Cooling can help you keep your indoor air cleaner throughout the year – and on special holidays like Thanksgiving – with a whole-house air filtration system.  These air quality solutions can capture airborne pollutants, cutting down on odors, allergens, irritants, and germs that can ruin your holiday.

This Thanksgiving, treat yourself to air-quality solutions from Ernst Heating & Cooling. Whether you need to know which replacement air filter is appropriate or you’re interested in whole-house air quality solutions, Ernst Heating & Cooling can help. Call us now at 618.217.1836 or schedule an appointment online for an air quality consultation. Give thanks for air quality solutions and keep your indoor air cleaner and healthier over the holidays!

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