Should I Invest in a Forced Air Heating System?

Posted On: September 09, 2017

In Metro East Illinois, keeping your home warm in the winter needs to be a top priority. When temperatures dip well below freezing, you need reliable heating to ensure your home stays safe and comfortable. Forced air heating systems are a reliable way to do just this, which is why most of the homes in this area have them. At Ernst Heating & Cooling, we have found that many homeowners are confused about this type of heating system. In this blog post, we’ll explain what you need to know about forced air heating systems, their benefits, and how to keep them functioning at peak performance.

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What Is a Forced Air Heating System?

A forced air heating system is a heating system that delivers heated air to your home through the ducts and vents. This involves the use of some sort of HVAC system, such as a furnace, a fan, a blower, or an air handler—plus your home’s ducts and vents. A thermostat controls this process, ensuring that the air in the home stays close to the temperature you choose. In the Hamel, IL area, the most common types of forced air systems are furnaces and heat pumps.

Forced air heating systems and central air conditioning systems are sometimes confusing to homeowners. A central air conditioning system works in a similar way as a forced air heating system, but it cools the home instead of heating it. In fact, a central air conditioner is a forced air system, because it forces air through vents and into the home. The only difference is, the goal of a forced air heating system is to heat, while the goal of central air conditioner is to cool.

Benefits of a Forced Air Heating System

Forced air heating systems have a number of benefits, like radiant heat. Some other benefits include:

  • Easy addition to an existing forced air heating system
  • Can quickly heat your home
  • Provides fairly even heating throughout your home
  • Can incorporate air filtration

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits, but don’t already have a forced air system in your home, you should schedule an installation. If you already have a forced air system in your home, you still need to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible.

Ernst Heating & Cooling can help with both of these needs. Our expert HVAC technicians understand the intricacies of forced air heating and can help with installation, maintenance, and repair services for your systems.

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Heating Services in Hamel, IL

Whether you wish to have a forced air heating system installed or you just have a question about an existing system—or you need to have your heating system repaired—Ernst Heating & Cooling offers the services you need.

With the cold winters in Hamel, you need to know that you have an efficient and reliable heating system. We can help you keep your family warm and comfortable during this heating season, so for all of your heating needs, contact the experienced team at Ernst Heating & Cooling!

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