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Heating & Cooling Repairs

Ernst Heating & Cooling offers a full range of HVAC repair services. We repair all makes and models, so even if we didn’t install your system, we can fix it!

Call Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836 for heating and cooling system repair in Metro East Illinois. Or make a service appointment online.

Ernst also offers emergency repair.

Air Conditioner Repair

There’s nothing worse than losing your A/C in the height of summer. When your air conditioner fails, the problem is typically a refrigerant leak, drainage problem, electrical control failure, or a drainage issue. The experienced A/C techs at Ernst can quickly diagnose the problem and perform air conditioner repair on any make and model.

Call Ernst if your air conditioner:

  • Is not cooling sufficiently – If your A/C isn’t running up to par, we can diagnose the problem.
  • Is making unusually loud noises – Loud noises can indicate a damaged or dislodged fan belt or other problem.
  • Has a frozen A/C coil – Your A/C coil can freeze in summer, causing reduced cooling capacity and even compressor failure.
  • Is leaking – A leak from your air conditioning unit can indicate a repair issue—and when left too long, can cause mold and mildew.

Furnace Repair

Ernst services and repairs every brand and model heating system. Even if it’s not a brand we install, we have the parts and can get your system back up and running. So if your heater completely fails, isn’t generating enough heat, or is making strange noises, call Ernst for immediate service.

Call Ernst for repair if your furnace:

  • Isn’t heating properly – This could indicate a problem with a tripped circuit breaker, malfunctioning pilot light, a closed or blocked valve, clogged filter, duct leaks, or another issue.
  • Is constantly cycling on and off – A thermostat problem or clogged filter can cause excessive cycling.
  • Isn’t producing airflow through the blower – The fan belt between the motor and the blower is likely broken.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair

Geothermal systems are remarkably efficient, but like any HVAC system, they can present occasional problems. Common geothermal heat pump repair issues include reduced airflow, inadequate heating or cooling temperatures, and leaks. Most of these problems can be remedied by repairs to the wiring, heat exchangers, and loop systems. Ernst has been installing and servicing geothermal systems far longer than most of our competitors, so we know the technology extremely well.

Mini-Split System Repair

Ductless mini-split systems are ideal for small spaces and whole-home comfort. If you are experiencing problems with your mini-split air conditioner or heat pump, call Ernst right away. Our experienced techs can quickly determine if repair is needed on the refrigerant line, or if there is an issue with either the indoor or outdoor unit.

Call Ernst if your ductless mini-split system has any of the following issues:

  • The indoor unit stops running – If the temperature is set correctly, but the unit isn’t running, we can diagnose the problem.
  • The indoor unit isn’t blowing cold air – A clogged filter, icy blower wheel, or burnt motor could be causing this.
  • The outdoor unit is malfunctioning – When the outdoor unit stops working, it could be due to a broken compressor or fan, low refrigerant level, or other issues.

Boiler Repair

Is your boiler malfunctioning? The older your boiler is, the more likely it is to have operation problems. Ernst can repair boilers of all kinds, whether the problem is with the radiator, valves, inadequate water levels, mineral build up, or other issues.

Metro East Illinois HVAC Repair

You can rely on Ernst Heating & Cooling for complete heating and cooling system repair in Hamel and the surrounding areas. We serve our neighbors throughout Madison County and beyond! Call for repair service today at 618.217.1836.

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