ACCA Membership: A Clue Your HVAC Contractor Is a Pro

ACCA Membership: A Clue Your HVAC Contractor Is a Pro

When you see the logo identifying ACCA membership, you already know a great deal about the HVAC contractor coming to your home to install or service your heating and cooling equipment. Unfortunately, almost anyone can claim to be a “contractor” with just a business card and a website to show for it. Membership in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, the premier industry accreditation and research organization, sets your contractor apart. The ACCA roster includes 60,000 air conditioning contractors, and the group sanctions continuing education in the latest technology. ACCA membership means the contractor you hire has access to the training and expertise to upgrade and service today’s complex, high-efficiency HVAC equipment.

Here are other traits of a contractor with ACCA membership:

  • Your ACCA contractor wants to hear about all HVAC-related issues in your home, from interior comfort to indoor air quality. He’ll ask about conditions on a room-by-room basis and in all climate seasons.
  • Your ACCA contractor understands your concerns about indoor air pollution. He’s up to date on the health consequences of airborne contaminants and chemical vapors, and the technology now available to reduce these hazards.
  • Your ACCA contractor will teach you to perform simple maintenance tasks yourself, such as changing filters regularly. He’ll also train you in proper operation and setting of the programmable thermostat included on most new systems.
  • Your ACCA contractor places a high priority on environmental concerns. He subscribes to industry standard procedures for the handling of refrigerants that cannot be released into the atmosphere, including recovery and recycling of used refrigerants.
  • Your ACCA contractor offers preventative maintenance programs to sustain the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling equipment and ensure maximum service life. He’s happy to provide warranty service on equipment during the valid period of the guarantee.
  • Your ACCA contractor follows up to be sure you’re satisfied with the installation or service and to answer any additional questions you may have.

Serving the homeowners of the Metro-East area since 1951, Ernst Heating & Cooling offers trusted HVAC sales and service for all seasons. We’re proud to display our ACCA membership and uphold professional industry standards. Among the many communities we serve are Hamel, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Bethalto and Troy.

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