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Common HVAC Myths vs. Facts

Facts vs. Myths in HVAC

HVAC may not seem controversial, but there are still many falsehoods about what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your home comfort system. Some of these myths can damage your system or reduce its lifespan, translating into a costly lesson. How can you tease out the truth about HVAC? You turn to the experts at Ernst Heating & Cooling of Hamel, IL. Let’s examine some common HVAC myths and discuss why they can lead to expensive mistakes.

Myth: Your HVAC system doesn’t need regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system. Your HVAC system contains many moving parts and pieces, and they can become worn down or broken over time. Dirt, dust, and grit can make it into your unit, slowing the mechanics and causing the system to work harder. Wires can fray, and bolts can loosen. The Ernst Heating & Cooling HVAC technicians will inspect, clean, and lubricate your A/C unit or furnace during a precision tune-up. We’ll tighten loose electrical connections and adjust your system’s motor voltage and currents. We’ve designed our Ernst Comfort Plan to include two precision tune-ups each year, and we’ll even take care of automatic scheduling.

Myth: The bigger the HVAC system, the better it heats and cools your home

If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, you may believe that a bigger unit will better keep you comfortable. But that’s only sometimes the case, and you could wind up paying for more power than you need. A too-large system can also start to short-cycle over time, meaning it’s kicking on and off repeatedly. This robs you of comfort – not to mention your peace of mind when your energy bills arrive! The Ernst Heating & Cooling experts can personally visit and recommend the best size for your home comfort needs.

Myth: Ducts can be repaired with duct tape

Can leaky ducts keep your HVAC from effectively heating or cooling your home? Yes, it’s called duct tape. It’s silver. Wouldn’t it be used to repair your ductwork? Duct tape is a bit of a misnomer. While it was once used to hold ventilation ducts together, today’s duct tape can’t withstand the temperature extremes of your heating and cooling system. Professional duct testing helps locate the leak so the ductwork can be repaired or replaced.

Myth: Fans cool the room

This one is tricky. Fans can make you feel cooler due to the wind chill effect. A fan circulates air around the room and makes it easier for sweat to evaporate from your skin, so you will feel cooler as your body releases heat. But the actual air temperature does not drop. Did you know that ceiling fans can make your room feel warmer? That’s because warm air rises, and a ceiling fan can push the heat back down to where the people are. Ensure it’s running in a clockwise direction during the winter months and a counterclockwise direction during the summer.

A denser air filter will be better for your HVAC system

Your HVAC system includes an air filter that grabs dirt and debris before circulating your home. Air filters come in different minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings. Filters with higher ratings remove more particles – and smaller particles – than their lower MERV rating counterparts. But these dense filters may not be the right choice for your HVAC system. If your system has to work too hard to pull in air, you may risk a breakdown. Let your Ernst Heating & Cooling HVAC technician advise you on the best air filter for your system. Remember to replace your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Myth: Close vents in rooms you’re not using

It may be tempting to close off the vents in rooms that aren’t being used regularly. But this is not a money-saving measure, and it can affect your HVAC unit’s efficiency. Your home’s ductwork was designed to heat or cool the entire area. When you close a vent, you can create air pressure issues and affect the balance between your HVAC system and the area it was designed to handle.

Take care of your HVAC system, and it will take care of you. Knowing your HVAC facts can save money and keep your system working longer. Ernst Heating & Cooling will help you stay on top of your heating and cooling needs with regular maintenance visits and service when something goes wrong. Call us 618.217.1836 or schedule an appointment online to handle all your heating and cooling needs.

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