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Questions to ask a HVAC company

Questions to Ask Your HVAC Company When Scheduling an Appointment

When you call Ernst Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We have a list of questions in our blog that you SHOULD ask before scheduling an HVAC appointment with any HVAC company. (But we hope you’ll call Ernst Heating & Cooling first!)

Duct Cleaning is necessary

Yes, You Really Need Your Ducts Cleaned and Here’s Why

Who knows what is lurking inside the ductwork in your home? A professional duct cleaning can help clear the air, literally. Find out why it’s essential in this month’s blog.

whole-house humidifier

Is a Whole-House Humidifier Right for Your Home?

With winter ushering in several months of cold, dry air, homeowners should consider a whole-house humidifier. Unlike the portable units, these HVAC add-ons are low-maintenance and can keep your home’s air at a comfortable humidity level year-round. Find out more on our blog.

Furnace went out

The Furnace Went Out! Now What?

A faulty furnace during the wintertime can leave you in a cold sweat. Our blog looks at how to handle this rude interruption and how to keep warm until Ernst Heating & Cooling can come to the rescue.

Don't use oven to heat home

Dangers of Using Your Oven to Heat Your Home

During marathon baking sessions, your oven may warm your kitchen, but it was never designed as a space heater. Relying on your range to heat your home wastes precious dollars and can even be deadly. Read our blog on why you should avoid this practice.

Fall in love with your home - Furnace questions

Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Furnace

Don’t be frightened by the thought of replacing your furnace. Ernst Heating & Cooling will guide your decision and help you find the best heating solution for your home. This month’s blog looks at four questions every homeowner should ask before buying a furnace.

Common HVAC problems

The Most Common Fall HVAC Problems

You want to make sure your furnace is working before the cold months set in. Check out five common fall HVAC problems and how you can avoid costly repair bills by working with Ernst Heating & Cooling now.

A pair of technicians giving a thumbs up next to an outdoor A/C unit

The Benefits of Signing Up for the Ernst Comfort Plan

Are you one of those people who always pass on the warranty? You may want to change your tune when it comes to the Ernst Comfort Plan. Our benefit-packed plan will help keep your HVAC system in shape year-round, cutting down on your energy bills and affording you peace of mind because you are taking care of your investment.

Lower humidity at home

How Can I Lower the Humidity in My Home?

During a brutal Midwest summer, humidity is often the secret culprit to your family’s indoor misery. Many Hamel homeowners are looking for ways to lower the humidity levels indoors, and Ernst Heating & Cooling has a few tips to help!

thermostat and smartphone

5 Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

With a programmable thermostat from your friends at Ernst Heating & Cooling, you can save big on both efficiency and utility bills in your Metro East Illinois home. Learn more about the many benefits of a programmable thermostat.

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